Unified Physics Can Improve Forward Progress Of Humanity Forever!

Imagine Getting To The Other Side Of The Earth In The Blink Of An Eye.

Imagine Going To Pluto And Back In Less Than An Earth Hour.

Imagine Downloading Your Groceries To Your Replicator Where They Are Always Fresh.

The Future Is Not Set And Can Be Without Disease Using Teleportation.

A Future With These Unified Physics Technologies Has Been Proven To Be Possible!

World Capitalism Will Need To Adjust As Product Production Costs Will Drop.

We Can All Live On A Cleaner Planet As Disintegrators Will Be Used To End Waste!

First Humanity Must Understand That The Universe Is Electromagnetically Bound!

It Is Very Difficult To Change Humanity's Perception Of Reality As It Is Generations Old.

As Our Perceptions And Understandings Do Finally Change, Life Will Flourish On Earth.

Fiction Will Become Reality On Many Levels As Our Children Explore The Universe!

Interstellar Vehicles Will Travel Many Times Faster Than Light!

The Automobile, Train, And Plane Will Become Like The Horse Due To Teleportation.

Many Stores Will Become Memories As Replicators Are Utilized Around The World.

The Trash Will Never Again Have To Be Taken Out When Disintegrators Are In Place.

Broken Bones Will Be Mended With Replicators Nearly Instantaneously!

Diseased Cells, Viruses, And Cancers Will Be Removed Via Teleportation.

Replicators Will Be Used To Feed The Earth's Populous Well Using Fewer Crop Fields.

In The Future, Death Will Never Occur As A Result Of Hunger Or Disease!

The World Can Continue To Improve As Forward Progress Continues!

Will Humanity Continue To Move Forward, Or Will Capitalism Impede Progress?

A Future Utilizing Unified Physics To Empower Progress Will Be Amazing!

The Universe And Everything Found Within It Are Composed of Electromagnetic Energy Particles, Waves, Fields, And Energy Flow! Humans Created The Clock And The Calendar! Biological Aging Would Exist Without Either Of Them. Humans Put Time In Space, As Light Would Travel At The Same Speed If Space Were Measured In Terms Of A Jupiter Year Rather Than An Earth Year. Biological Time Does Not Exist At Zero Gravity As It Does Inside The Earth's Electromagnetic Atmospheric Layers That Press Down On The Earth While The Earth's Core Pulls The Energy From Which Everything Is Composed Towards It! Similar To Matter Made Of Atoms, Each With A Nucleus Of Electromagnetically Bound Protons And Electrons With Electromagnetic Waves Emanating From It Pulling Down On The Electromagnetic Fields Of Electrons Surrounding Them With Electromagnetic Energy Flowing Throughout Each Atom. Or The Sun Made Of Matter With The Planetary Systems Orbiting It, Each In Their Own Magnetic Field! The Universe Is Not Expanding, It Is Flowing; As All Electromagnetically Based Levels Of The Universe Do! The Space-Time Continuum Never Existed And Now No Longer Exists, Except To Measure Relative Distance In Outer Space! Once It Is Accepted That The Universe Is Electromagnetically Bound On All Levels From The Protons and Electrons From Which All Matter Is Composed; To The Planetary Systems, Solar Systems, Galaxies, And Beyond; We Will Break The Light Barrier To Start Then Enjoy Other Great Technologies.

A Relative PEACE Among Humanity Will Hopefully Occur Afterwards

With All Of Our Needs Being Met!

Ignorance Is Bliss,

But Knowledge Is Power!

Research Scientist Isaac Lasley's Innovative Theories
Have The Potential To Improve the Future Of Earth!
Please Help Fund Ground Breaking Experiments!!!

i lasley

UP Future

Your Generosity Make Experiments Possible! Thanks For All Contributions. They Will Help The Progress Of Technology!!

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Time Does Not Exist In Outer Space As It Does On Earth.
Humans Created The Concept Of The Clock & Calendar To Better Understand Aging & The Earth's Seasons; As Well As Our Place In Our Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, And Known Universe!! Like A Grain Of Sand On The Beach.

Let's Travel Faster Than Light!

Help Scientist Isaac Lasley To Obtain The Funding Needed To Create The Planetary Vehicle, The Galactic Vehicle (The First To Travel Faster Than Light), And Later The Intergalactic Vehicle That Will Travel Many Times The Speed of Light. After The First Is In Place The Replicator And Disintegrator Will Be Created To Help Feed The Earth's Growing Population Using Fewer Crop Fields, End Waste, And Make Galactic Exploration Possible Without Taking Excess Supplies. You Can Help Isaac Lasley By Buying A Book, Playing Casino Games, Or By Donating Through The Link Below This Paragraph. You Do Not Need A Paypal Account To Buy Products or Make Donations. Simply Click The "Add To Cart" Or "Donate" button, Then Click The "Continue" Button, Or The "Don't Have A Paypal Account" Button, And Then Use A Credit Or Debit Card.  Thanks!

Reach Beyond The Sky And There Are No Limits!!

The Sundial Does Not Work In Outer Space!!

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          The United States Government, Medical Cancer Treatment Industry, And Cancer "Non-Profit" Industry Have NO MOTIVATION TO CURE CANCER As They Collectively Make More Than $333,000,000,000 A Year From Taxes, Fees, And Donations By Continually Treating Cancer And "Searching For A Cure" For Profit!!!  If Cancer Were Cured Treatment Profits Would Likely Be Between $3,300,000,000 And $33,000,000,000; Or Between One And Ten Percent Of Current Billions In Profits.  Of Course Cancer Is Also A Population Control So The Government Doesn't Pay More Social Security To Cancer Survivors And Seniors That Live Longer!!

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